Want to Become Rich? Then Stop Wasting Your Money On “Fee Mongering” Mutual Funds!

ATTENTION: Mutual Fund Investors

Make no mistake…

There are investment strategies being used by members of the elite “Upper Class” right now in this financial crisis to double… triple… even quadruple their wealth – philosophies that simply aren’t taught to the middle class & poor!

Lucky for you, anyone can learn these same strategies and begin putting them to use instantly… “Just as easily”…as those already getting massive results in their lives, once aligned with the properly licensed financial team!

Point blank, the “black box investment secrets of the richsecrets I’ve learned from the ultra-wealthy – need to be shared!

Don’t you agree?

If so, onward you go…

I believe the fact that you are here seeing these words now means something special about you.EVG

And whether you are a Cisco technology consultant/fly fisherman, a 20 year old college student, a 51 year old Canadian air traffic controller working in the Middle East, or a guy who spends 6 months a year in Costa Rica and 6 months in Baltimore…

….or maybe you’re a 33 year old woman who owns a construction company, the founder of a language training company, a retired crop farmer, or even a highly successful female attorney in NYC…

…Regardless of whether you are cash poor, just getting started investing or maybe you’ve already created a solid net-worth… these strategies can change your life if you use them!

Realizing now that you can choose to create all the prosperity in your life you’ve ever wanted with a single decision, no matter where you are currently in your financial journey, means that everything can change today from this point forward!

Terry EllisonHi, my name is Terry Ellison – and my story is possibly much like yours!

I’ve always been a hard worker, producing massive results as a sales & marketing specialist in Corporate America – all while receiving pathetic compensation as a reward. Despite that, I still managed to tuck away 10-20% of my income into a few annuities and a Roth IRA, starting from day one.

As the years went by, my investments appeared to be growing at a decent rate of return… until of course, the financial crash of 2008 hit and I lost thousands upon thousands of dollars – putting me right back at square one.

Any gains I had for all those years were completely gone – plus I wanted to cry (almost did)… then I decided that’s not the manly thing to do. Instead, I got serious and made a commitment to myself.

I knew at that point, I had to take control of my financial future!

So, I plunged into the world of entrepreneurship & investing, searching for the best experts, leaders, and knowledge being taught (and used) by those with massive wealth. I began reading everything I could get my hands on pertaining to wealth creation and studying every strategy the guru’s promote as a means to massive success in anyone’s life.

What I found was shocking…

I quickly realized there are two sets of rules that you can play by when it comes to investing, retirement, and wealth creation.

It turns out that those with high-achievement, massive results, lasting wealth, and magical lifestyles in general… all play a different game than everyone else!

I discovered an entirely different way of thinking – new thoughts, habits, and actions that are the MAJOR difference between the poor, middle class, and of course… the Rich!

Today, I’m going to introduce you to a world which you may not have known to exist!

You see, while most of middle class & poor have been getting crushed financially… the rich have been following a completely different set of rules, multiplying their wealth with record setting profits.

Truthfully, you can decide to keep getting the same results… or you can choose to “play the wealth game with the rich – and you can even choose to start doing that now.

I say all of this because today, I sit here a changed man!

After surrounding myself with people getting the results I’ve always wanted for a few years now…

  • I’ve learned how to predict market swings and avoid being on the losing end of stock crashes.
  • I’ve learned how to hedge my retirement funds against the rapidly declining dollar.
  • I learned how to save thousands each year by getting “expert tax advice” – using business write-offs and investment property incentives.
  • I even learned how to multiply my income using leveraged based business strategies to create even more cash flowing assets.

All strategies used by the rich, yet kept out of public display until now!

I’m finally starting to get the results I’ve always wanted all because I stumbled upon a website one day with an “open mind” and wanting to learn more – a site created by one of the most successful internet entrepreneurs on Earth!

A man who would become a mentor, changing my life forever

Just like he can do for you today as you enter your information now in the form below… watching the FREE WEBINAR you’ll gain access to as you sink into a success trance from this day forward!



What changed my financial path so quickly?

Mike Dillard & The Elevation Group!

Luckily for me (and thousands of others), back in December of 2010, Mike Dillard had a simple idea – to create a website that would “take you inside the secret black-box investing strategies of the ultra-rich”… a concept he says was born out of personal frustration…

Dillard, who had gone from waiting tables, to making his first million by the age of 27, built a little publishing company up to 15 employees and around $15 Million in revenue by age 30. As he will tell you, he wasn’t exactly planning for his retirement properly and instead did what any single kid making millions would do… spent it on fast cars, big houses, and trips around the world.

Mike Dillard

But turning 30 caused a sudden shift in his mindset!

He finally realized the incredible opportunity being wasted to create real financial freedom in his life. Like me, he dove into the world of investing with both feet, searching for, and reading everything he could on the topic, only to be dismayed by what he found…

In his words…

Everything was written around the “Middle Class Dream”… 401K’s, IRA’s, mutual funds, stock-trading, flipping houses, etc…

It quickly became apparent that these strategies were not designed to produce enormous wealth… They were designed to help the Boomer’s achieve “comfort and security” on fixed retirement incomes.

It was all a bunch of BS created around the retail financial services industry designed to profit off the naïveté’ of the middle class.”

Maybe you’ve even thought this way before?

Look, after the great market crash of 2008 we now know that the investment tools and strategies of the past were designed for and dependent upon “never-ending” exponential growth – they simply won’t work today or in the future.

And so it’s quite simple!

If you want to become wealthy these days, you must model the rich and invest your money as they do.

Of course this sounds great in theory, but there just aren’t any books or courses out there in the world that show you how to do that exactly.

Everything has been written for the paradigm that just ended. When it comes to a detailed blueprint for unlimited, yet safe, secure wealth creation in what is essentially a brave new world, it doesn’t exist…

Until now that is!

Listen, the individuals making money today are visionaries and mavericks who understand what’s really taking place.

And while these men and women are making record amounts of money today, they aren’t really talking about it. It’s very much an insider’s club. Which means that this kind of knowledge is basically trapped inside a black-box that is hidden from the general public like you and I.

But time is too short, and the stakes are just too large right now for anyone sit on the sidelines and do nothing.

The time to take action is right now.

It’s not next week, or next year. With every day that goes by, the window of opportunity get’s smaller and smaller, and the risks of inaction get greater and greater…

Knowing that it was now or never, Dillard took matters into his own hands, and cracked open the box himself.

The Elevation Group was born!

What began as a simple passion-project, created for a few close friends, has now exploded in growth – educating thousands of wealth builders around the world.

The Elevation GroupHaving bought multiple internet marketing courses from Mike over the years… all packed “full of value”… and knowing him to be a ‘man of his word’ with one of the best reputations in the industry, I became immediately interested when he launched this new membership product.

You see, Dillard discovered something critical on his journey and it’s precisely what sold me on becoming a member of The Elevation Group.

He told me there are three things you need to get yourself out of the middle class investment slaughterhouse and into the world of the rich… a place where I was and desperately wanted to escape!

  1. You need cutting-edge, inside information from people who really know what’s going on… Not from the talking-heads on the news, or from your “adviser” who’s only regurgitating the company mantras that are designed to simply sell you on more of their products.
  2. You need the knowledge and skills needed to act on the information you receive…
  3. You need to have the rolodex necessary to make all of this possible. As it turns out, this is the single most important piece of this entire puzzle because building wealth is just as much about who you know, as what you know.

So over the past few years, and at this very moment, Dillard has systematically used his rolodex and connections, to track down individuals around the world who have net worth’s that range from a minimum of $10 Million, to 1 Billion.

He and Elevation Group CEO Robert Hirsch fly to their homes, offices, and even remote islands (like when they visited Richard Branson’s Necker Island)…

…Getting them to reveal, “How they invest”… and grow their money personally!

The entire process is documented in a way that’s never been done before in the private Elevation Group diary – exposing people to the truth about what’s really happening to their money.

We understand that the world has changed, and we’re offering a simple way for people to empower themselves through a new type of financial education that they’ve never seen before… It’s simple. It’s honest. It’s detailed.– Mike Dillard

The Elevation Group is now a growing collection of private conference calls, video interviews, training sessions, and private blog articles compiled by Mike & his research team!

The Elevevation Group

To my knowledge, this is the only project of its kind in the world and the response has been mind-boggling…Within the first 7 days of launching, over 250,000 people from more than 65 countries tuned in to hear The Elevation Groups message.

Within the first 60 days, over 10,000 members purchased access to this “never seen before” education.

And today…

The Elevation Group has become something much more than a website about money and investing…

It Has Become A Movement!

The Elevation Group has become one of the primary hubs around the world where good people, who know the difference between right and wrong, and who desire to live in freedom and prosperity, have come to gather and empower themselves.

With membership totaling over 50,000 strong, people are beginning to take notice while instantaneously changing their financial future for decades to come!

Dillard has cracked open the wealth creation secrets of the rich and now wants to educate you on how to use them!

As a special preview of just what all you’ll get if you choose to become a member…

Mike has decided to release a special FREE WEBINAR that I’m going to provide you access too immediately upon entering your email in the form provided.


You’ll learn wealth creation secrets like…

  • How you can get rich right now in this “down economy” even if you don’t have a ton of money to invest
  • How to access a little known legal strategy used by the rich that has created Mike a $100,000/month tax free income upon retirement
  • What is going to happen to the U.S. economy over the next 6-36 months and how you can be on the winning side of the largest wealth transfer in human history
  • How Dillard has been able to predict every stage of the current financial crash since 2007 and how you can start doing the same

Believe me, this webinar will blow your mind about what’s really going on and prepare you to take action creating a more beautiful financial future instantly!

I say that because there are now over 20 training videos in The Elevation Group member’s area and more being added monthly. The level of education that you will get in this product is worth more than any college degree in Investing.

…Heck, in most cases, it is worth more than a MASTERS degree in Investing.

These are ‘true multimillionaires’ spilling their most sacred wealth creation strategies… not some professor teaching theories.

The “Purpose” of The Elevation Group membership is to show you, the customer, as many investment strategies as possible, so that you can choose for yourself what strategy is going to work best with your personality.

You are going to learn cutting-edgeinsider information” from people who actually practice what they preach and know what’s going on… not those who just follow the broke peanut gallery, the lame street media, or some generic adviser who only seeks to sell you more of his company’s products (which mostly negate all of your profits to pay management fees).

And so, you have a very important decision to make now…

Choosing to become educated by Mike in this content packed Free Webinar could change the course of your family’s future forever!

The Elevation Group

Because let’s face it…

Due to the global financial system being abused to the point of no return, we are facing a complete reset in the way we must invest for retirement.

Everyone on the planet must prepare and you need to ask yourself – when the clock strikes zero, do you want to end up more wealthy & free than you can imagine or do you want to do nothing, risk everything, and end up broke, busted, and trapped?

It’s common sense, right?

Look, the two main factors that will determine which side of the fence you end up on is “knowledge” and the “action” you’re willing to take with that knowledge.

Whether you decide to use this information to better your life is up to you and you alone.

But let me just ask…

  • Aren’t you tired of listening to the people who always think everything is “too good to be true”?
  • Aren’t you sick of taking financial advice from people who are living paycheck to paycheck and guessing which stock to try next?
  • Aren’t you done with always looking for “the catch” while people who have no more skills than you and no more potential than you…are raking in obscene amounts of money?Scream for success

You probably said “YES” to every single question I just asked.

(And if you didn’t scream “YES” at the top of your lungs… you should probably LEAVE THIS PAGE IMMEDIATELY)

It’s rather obvious that if you continue down your current path and stick your money in investments used by the rest of the middle class, then you’ll likely keep getting the same results everyone else is getting (which isn’t squat if you haven’t noticed).

Do NOT leave your financial future in the hands of someone else!

Discover the “black box investment secrets” of the rich!

The choice is now yours…

Here’s Exactly What You NEED To Do, Right Now:

  1. Enter your email in the form below
  2. Get registered for Mike’s Free Webinar
  3. Prepare to go on an economic thrill-ride as you do


What do current EVG members have to say?

I’m struggling against the crisis, on the verge of losing my business, I can’t sleep at night for worry for my future and that of my employees… But I made a resolution that I’d rather die on the battlefield than give in – and right there comes your message from The Elevation Group, and all the positive comments of fellow members, all saying the same thing: we must never lose courage, but stand tall in our fight for financial and moral freedom. And we are not alone in our fight against economic injustice and political corruption, there’s more and more of us. Thanks for making the connection and pointing out the way!

Christian M. – Luxembourg

I have followed and admired Mike Dillard for quite some time, even before the launch of The Elevation Group & have wholeheartedly supported this incredible endeavor … let’s hope we can expose everyone to the education & possibility of The Elevation Group! Thank you so much for all you have taught me. I have long been inspired by your brilliance & now, resilience.

Stevi S. – Los Angeles, CA

It is great to see “the human side” of you – knowing that you are exposed to challenges just like so many others. Thank you for leading by example. Thank you for sharing your messages and thank you for providing the tools! I look forward to even more success for you, for myself and for all those impacted by your message! Have an incredible 2013!

Christo Van Z.

Dear Mike, I found your courses 4 years ago and my whole life has changed. After a year of total challenges myself – I didn’t quit either. Now I am commercializing new advanced air, water and energy technologies from Czech. I will be able to fund my own self-sufficiency projects in 2013 for my Charity, Righting the Roma Foundation. Building self-sustaining communities is a new priority and life purpose for me, as well. So thank you so much for grooming leaders and being such a great one yourself.

Monica O.

Thank you for bringing us so many great resources! I am looking forward to all 2013 has to offer and wish everyone a prosperous New Year!

Kelly B.

I’ve been with The Elevation Group since late 2011 and have set in motion many new and exciting avenues towards a future of financial self reliance and all thanks to Mike! Currently acquiring copywriting skills … and am one of the foreign students in the EVG Income course. To say the least; your help, your positivism, your willingness to guide, share and urge me forward through EVG has created a huge bright light of opportunity and hope for me going forward. You are a true inspiration and I wish you all the best for 2013!

Erik F. – Norway

Mike: Ever since 2004 I’ve been following your work, successes, and even using your system. I never made a bad decision doing so. I noticed you’re focusing more on doing more for charities, and it’s been more of my focus too, because after all, helping the much less fortunate who many times can’t help themselves is something everybody should be involved with on a regular on-going basis, and as you stated, not rely on Government. With that, I wish you and you’re The Elevation Group/Team the best in 2013. May God bless you all for the work you are doing to help more people worldwide see the light in the critical areas you cover.

Harry F. – Simi Valley, CA

Hi Mike, I had the pleasure of meeting you at an event last summer. You were as kind and gracious in person as you are through your writings and you add incredible value to our internet community. I think you speak to many hearts as you share your insights and challenges. I know that when I found The Elevation Group in late 2011, I discovered the possibility for many of my life long dreams to become a reality…still working on them, hanging in there and meeting the challenges same as you speak about. I always thought I was just too stubborn to give up.

That attitude has served me well and helped me find others with similar attitudes who continue to support me as I reach higher and higher to achieve my dreams. Thank you SO much for daring to share your life, insights and knowledge with us so that we can be encouraged to stay the course. I sincerely hope the best for you in 2013 and beyond.

Linda R.

Mike, Thank You so much for all that you do!!! I’m excited to be involved with such an awesome company whose main goal is to inspire people just like me to be self-reliant!!! I’m blessed to have been exposed to what you and Robert have to offer!! 2013 is going to be a special chapter in my life thanks to The Elevation Group. Please stay charged and strong so that we can ALL get stronger and stronger!! THANK YOU for always and always getting back up!! You are our Champion.

Gwen B. – Prescott, AZ

Thanks so much for dropping the note on the “ups & downs in 2012. There’s no doubt or surprise that you would rebound, recover, and continue to champion our cause for personal and financial freedom and total self reliance. Hard to believe it’s been a year since I stumbled across your invitation to The Elevation Group. One of the best moves I’ve ever made in my life joining the EVG family. It’s truly been a life changer for myself and my family. Mike, thanks again for everything you have done for us in 2012 and we look forward to marching ahead with you in 2013. Happy New Year!

Don Edd G.

Creating choices for all of us in The Elevation Group through education has been a wonderful experience. I truly value the person you are and the efforts that you and Robert go to, to make some of our challenges a bit easier. Thank you and I look forward to all the extremely talented people you will introduce us to in 2013!

Judy B. – West Linn, OR

Thanks for the positive message Mike; I’ve been a non-member now since late November, however I hope to remedy that in the next week or so. It’s inspiring to hear you move forward & I wish for continuing success in your accomplishments. To date; I’ve used 4 of The Elevation Group concepts and plan to move forward with more. I wish all the best to you & every EVG members for a Safe & Prosperous 2013.

Steven M.

Mike, Many thanks for all the wonderful works that you are doing leading to universal empowerment. I am really inspired. In 2013, I will try to be more self-reliant and spread the good news. With more dedication and attention, 2013 promises a better success. Please enjoy the blessings of this season.

Anslem O. – Nigeria

Mike: I’ve been a member of The Elevation Group since Dec. 2011; I can honestly say that my life one year later is not the same, thanks to you and EVG. While I still have much work to do financially, the information that you’ve been sharing gives me hope that I can still attain financial freedom, even with all of the mistakes I’ve made. Thanks for hanging in there–I think I can speak for all EVG members when I say we’re incredibly thankful for all you do!!

Diane A. – Freelance Copywriter

Hello Mike, I’m looking forward to 2013 being a great year and looking forward to the education with The Elevation Group. Thank you!

Juan C.

Great commentary Mike. If I had not become Rent and Mortgage Free years ago I would not have been able to take advantage of the hundreds of opportunities that have come my way since. Start with your three needs: Food, Shelter and Energy and when they are taken care of on auto pilot, then look at helping others discover the same thing.

Scot Thomas R. – Kingston, WA

Thank you for this strong endorsement of self-reliance. It seems most of our country no longer has any idea what it means much less any inclination to find out. EVG is an important starting point for all of us who want to take care of ourselves and recognize that no one succeeds alone. We will be following your leadership throughout 2013.

Glen E. – Real Estate Professional

Hi Mike, I have been an EVG member since day one. I will never not be a member of The Elevation Group! We have to stick together and yes always get back up on that horse..if you fall off. :)

Mary Kay C.

Mike you’re a class act. As an Elevation Group member for over a year, your honesty and integrity have been consistent throughout. Keep up the great work and EVG’s empowering vision.

Jason R. – London

I would like to thank you with all my heart for the amazing encouragement I have got from your UPLIFTING FREE NEWSLETTERs and also the heart warming comments sent in by fellow readers. Looking forward to what’s up your sleeves for this coming year. I send you courage to face all the trials but without pain there’s no gain as you well know, and I do wish you and your family & friends a very Happy 2013 with much love & light & laughter & Peace & JOY with tons of this promised “Freedom, in every aspect of our lives by removing dependencies and creating self-reliance.” I’ve been an avid fan since you started The Elevation Group. THANK YOU MIKE!

Jennifer G.

Hello Mike, I have been following your work since the beginning of The Elevation Group (and before). It has been inspiring. Having been through many ups and downs throughout my life, I subscribe totally to the concept that “you gotta get up and keep going” whenever you get knocked down. God does not give you anything You cannot handle. So, at this time of my life, when most people are looking to retire, I am getting started on another new project.

Thank you for your inspired words, they are helping a whole lot of people, myself included. I’m working on setting up my property to be as self sufficient as possible, but am hoping it will not be compulsory for everyone else.

William C. – Hana, HI

Mike, don’t ever forget that you are making a difference in many lives, in ways you will never be told about. Thank you. For all you do, for your positivity, for allowing me to know that if I have the strength of character, that if I ever am ready to move out of my comfort zone, there are unknown avenues to traverse. Be well, be content, be happy.

Lisa M. – Philadelphia, PA

Thanks for giving us Elevation Group Members the many tools to keep our freedoms that the Gov’t is doing it’s best to take from us. Your 2012 personal challenges show us that we can also learn strength by fighting our ‘downs’ toward ‘ups’ then to success. I’ve found that I do have to learn patience until God presents the right time and opportunity. Thanks for your fortitude and courage!

Sylvia C.

I knew when I signed up with The Elevation Group, many great things would happen! I too, though, suddenly got tossed into a tailspin with the man in my life needing immediate bypass surgery. I look at it as a blessing from God. He did not suffer a debilitating heart attack, but is on the mend and we have learned a valuable lesson about our health. I so value what you give us here at EVG. Choices thru education. Thank you Mike and Robert and bless you for an outstanding 2013!

Judy B.

I just want to say “Thanks” for the leadership and concern you have provided throughout this endeavor you embarked on. I really appreciate the fact that you share your ups and downs and show a different side of you. It kinda let’s people like me know that we all going through headaches now and then. I look forward to an exciting and challenging 2013 with The Elevation Group. God bless and keep moving forward.

Maurice T.

Mike Dillard is one of the reasons for me to actually get into online marketing back in 2010. My journey hasn’t exactly been easy, but I can definitely say that it has been worth it now that I’m finally out of the rat race (aka 9 to 5), and completely living life on my own terms. I received an email from Mike recently that once again got me inspired, recharged my batteries, and shot up my adrenalin! Mike’s backstory is a seriously inspiring story of courage and determination for me. It’s about how to never ever “settle” in life. The fact of the matter is that we are all capable of this more or less, but the million-dollar question is – HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT IT?

Those who absolutely want it no matter what will go the whole hog like Mike did. The others will not really act because they are subconsciously happy and comfortable with where they are in life even though they might dream of the best possible life for them. Mike obviously had to start out the hard way to become a multi-millionaire … and DO NOT get me wrong, you absolutely DO have to work hard to reach where you want to, but Mike makes things a lot easier for ordinary folks like myself.

Pervis – India

Hi Mike, the best leaders are those who lead by example and can identify with the struggles of those they lead. You have been trained in hard things in a very short time. Thank you for sharing your life with all of us and for caring about us. We hope to meet you one day in person! May 2013 turn out to be your best year so far!

Liliane L.

Congratulations Mike for conquering your mountains in 2012! Such an inspirational letter. You are so right about getting back to basics. Even in the land of Oz we will be moving into that Lifestyle (the ranch lifestyle) … Victory is Yours!

Hinemoa Nic F.

I love where your thoughts are going on the ‘important’ things in life, like self-reliance, and where you are planning to take the Elevation Group. There is nothing else out there that compares to what you have created here, and it only gets better! Thank you and may you and your team have an AWESOME 2013!

Cindy Zanetta M.

Thank you Mike, you clearly have helped so many of change our lives to deal with whatever comes our way. The Elevation Group is premier, thank you for all you do and continue to do. We don’t want to live each day sleeping in our shoes.

Robin G.

Thank you for keeping in touch and sharing your words of wisdom. We value your thoughts and especially your economic forecasts and advice. Bless you for your leadership and graciousness. We salute you.

Adelina L.

Dear Mike, I am deeply honored to know a person such as yourself and although we have never connected in person, the values you hold are truly ones that only contribute to a better society. I know convincing others of the good in self-sufficient living … is still hard to convince the mass majority… – but this could change very quickly especially with the right training and direction. Your contribution to this will be effective as all your other projects have been.

Irena Š.

Thanks Mike for your honesty, your determination and your faith. And for not being a Guru, just a normal hard-working person! You certainly lead by example. I am from Australia, and everything is just as valid here too. I thank you for setting me on a path of self-reliance; and just realised today that I have crossed more things off the freedom list than I would have thought possible 18 months ago. I really am more than half way to self-sustainability … and enjoying every step of the way. Thanks for educating me, and for living your passion.

Julianne S.

Hi Mike, I’m proud to be a member of The Elevation Group. Keep up the good work and keep plugging!

Randy R.

“RELIEF!!!! We feel like we’re finally on the right track and feel like we have so much more control over our money in terms of where it’s going and what we can expect.

Melissa S.

You guys are providing a very valuable service for a very reasonable price. It’s incomprehensible that anyone should expect, let alone ask for you to “volunteer” your most valuable resource—your time—for free when you could just be doing all of your efforts and research for yourself and your friends for FAR LESS headache than all that you’re needing to do to build and sustain EVG. I.e., you don’t need us…we need you, and yet you are sharing. So, THANKS for that…thanks for caring and for sharing!!! Best!